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  • Monitor and troubleshoot from anywhere
  • Diagnose and determine service urgency
  • Respond to potential issues before problems occur

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You can have access to your pump equipment from anywhere.

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Recieve notifications to your phone via text, email, or in-app push notifications.

Z Control Cloud App

Created by us for 100% compatability

Z Control is the new technology standard for pump control products. Keep your crucial equipment at your fingertips, wherever you are. Once you have created an account and connected your pump equipment, download the app for quick and easy access to your pump systems. Since it is created specifically by US for our pump equipment, it will be 100% compatible with your pump system. No questioning third party reliability. Create a Z Control account today and enjoy Real Time Peace of Mind™.

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AquaNot 508 Active by Zoeller

Battery backup sump pump system. High performance, self testing, and remote diagnostics/control.

SmartPak by Zoeller

Battery backup sump pump system. Self-testing with all the Z Control features, at a lower price.

F&W Commander PRO

Variable speed controllers for constant pressure water systems. Fully featured with digital interface.

APak Indoor Alarm by Zoeller

High water alarm. Multi-function inputs and alarms. Receive remote notifications.

Z Control Gateway

The Gateway enables certain devices to connect to the Z Control® Cloud using ethernet or Wi-Fi®.